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Working from 2D to 3D Creative Workshop

Wednesday 10th July (1 Day) at 

Cockpit Arts

Cockpit Yard, Northington Street,

London WC1N 2NP


10am - 4pm


Participants will start the session drawing and collaging, either taking inspiration from an object they have chosen to bring in, or from the simple form of a cube. Considering how different kinds of line and paper / materials and combinations can change how the form appears. Ideas will then be further developed through paper folding, layering and working with wire, and other materials. Ideas will also be taken through a range of scales. Working through ideas in series, the development of the forms will be recorded through sketching and taking photographs, these, then in turn, will be further developed three dimensionally, using wire, fabric, tissue paper, and found materials. Participants are welcome to bring their own materials if they have anything they would particularly like to use.

If there are further questions please get in touch

Working from 2D to 3D Creative Workshop Wednesday 10th July 2024 London

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