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Working in Wire Workshop

At Cockpit Arts 

Cockpit Yard,

Northington Street,

London WC1N 2NP



10am - 4pm


This session is suitable for all levels.

Complete beginners, will be helped to explore the potential of developing creative ideas, whilst others with more experience can use the session to push their ideas in new directions and develop technical skills.


Participants will be guided through initial drawing / mark making exercises, to work from. These would then be the starting point for 2D wire drawings, which will be further developed taking the ideas into 3D. The linear forms will explore the potential of the properties of different metals, the malleability and softness of copper and aluminium, the strength of steel, as well as brass.


There will be the opportunity for participants to develop the session to focus on gaining technical skills, twisting, texturing and soldering or to spend their time pushing ideas more experimentally.

Working in Wire Workshop at Friday 21st June 2024 (1 day workshop) London

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