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Metalwork for exhibitions, commissions, residencies and the home


Jacky Oliver creates sculptural pieces that combine the heaviness of blacksmithing with the refinement and delicacy of jewellery work, giving her objects an unexpected lightness. Jacky’s work is defined by two strands: one side of her practice is about conducting in-depth research to create work that tells a story, to help draw people in and spark conversations around the piece. The other strand is about creating work that is purely about exploring line, compositions, space and creating shadows. “The one thing common to all my work is my attention to detail in the quality of finish. Each joint and line is created with care, thought and refinement.” Jacky works from her London studio at Cockpit Bloomsbury. Jacky is also a committed teacher of her craft, and believes in the power of creativity to enrich lives.  

(Tapiwa Matsinde for Homo Faber)

Jacky Oliver 2023 photo by Stefan Stefanou.jpg

and CV



Teaching Workshops 

Jacky Oliver Bunhill collage.jpeg

Bunhill Artist
in Residence

Jacky Oliver Shuffle 52cm x 16 cm x 18 cm Patinated steel .1.jpg

M_Up Gallery 

on the workbench at Cockpit Bloomsbury

Cockpit Bloomsbury


Horse Power


We Are Commoners

Crafting the Future of Thurrock,  ( Deta

Crafting the Future of Thurrock

Westwood Keystone, Artist in Residence, Westwood High School, Leek Staffordshire.jpg

Outdoor Work

Jacky Oliver Bee 217 Bombus Cullumanus (2022) etched and patinated steel and copper 40cm x

Fifty Bees

D Day 70 landing craft Poole Museum Arti

D-Day 70

The Marsh She Knows, Art on Romney Marsh, (detail) Drainage Gouge.JPG


Work in progress Jacky Oliver and Graeme

Oliver and Hawes

D Day 70 Paper models

Paper Work

Squares, patinated steel, Hastings

for the Home 

Jacky Oliver windmills from the archives .4.jpeg

Artist in Residence

Jacky Oliver 'Ship to shore' Etched and patiantated metals .1.jpg

Gallery 57


Future Icons Selects
London Craft Week


University of Exeter

Jacky Oliver Catch 2022_edited_edited.jpg


Allotment Plots (Detail)

Collect 2020

Jacky Oliver Lines, sections, plans ( De

Muse: Makers in Museums

'Gather-ing' Winnowing basket (detail) P


Pollinators 2021

Collect 2021

Jacky Oliver Cinis Ager x Helianthus   c

Leicester University
Botanic Gardens Artist in Residence

'Looking Forward' Making Peace Residency

Making Peace

Extreme weather Umbrella

Extreme Weather

Angel II photo.jpg

Other Work

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