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Informed by research Jacky Oliver creates linear structures that suggest space, while developing a surface that evokes a narrative using a process of collage, etching and enamelling. She creates small hand held objects through to large-scale architectural pieces, for commissions, exhibitions and residencies throughout the UK.  


Each project is completely unique, drawing from a range of techniques and processes, including blacksmithing, silversmithing, enamelling, printmaking and bookmaking. The hands-on manipulation of materials, metal in particular, is something that she is passionate about. Scrutinising both form and surface, Jacky strives to bring the material to life, interrogating the qualities of different techniques and processes. Investigating how they can be combined to create artefacts, which stimulate viewers to consider and reflect.  


Using light and shadows in her work, allows the viewer to see beyond, a sometimes complex structure, to a simpler bolder message. Jacky’s approach responds sensitively to the rich variety of subjects her work has explored, bringing together research from a range of sources, contemporary and historic, including archives, interviews and handwritten notes. 


Working with others has enriched Jacky’s practice, informing her work and allowed Jacky to share her working practice with people from all walks of life.

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Pollinators 2021



Collect 2021

Jacky Oliver Lines, sections, plans ( De


Muse: Makers in Museums

'Looking Forward' Making Peace Residency



Making Peace

D Day 70 landing craft Poole Museum Arti



D-Day 70

Crafting the Future of Thurrock,  ( Deta


Crafting the Future of Thurrock

Extreme weather Umbrella



Extreme Weather




We Are Commoners

'Gather-ing' Winnowing basket (detail) P




Allotment Plots (Detail)



Collect 2020

Jacky Oliver Cinis Ager x Helianthus   c

Leicester University Botanic Gardens Artist in Residence

Work in progress Jacky Oliver and Graeme



Oliver Hawes

D Day 70 Paper models



Paper Work

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Making Peace, Steel and pewter, 2019 ( D