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'Catch for 'Our Journey'
with Design Nation at the Hub, Sleaford

Jacky Oliver Catch 2022
Jacky Oliver Catch 2022 wip
Jacky Oliver Catch 2022 wip 3
Jacky Oliver catch wip statistics
Jacky Oliver Catch DNOJ (Detail 3)

'Our Journey' Design Nation at the Hub Sleaford

In creating ‘Catch’ Jacky aims to provoke dialogue about the increase in overfishing. 


She has created linear wire structures echoing some of the 4 million fishing vessels that fish the seas with more efficiency, putting pressure on fish stocks and ecosystems of our oceans.


Through extensive research Jacky has gathered statistics about the impact of the fishing industry on the environment. Using a range of techniques, she has etched and pierced through panels, which are supported on these delicate wire networks. The installation she had created is suspended to allow the viewers presence to influence the 

movement of the piece. 


Shadows cast by the pieces are as important as the fabricated pieces, the ephemeral nature of these images both simplify the forms but also echo the possibility that without care, the awe-inspiring life within the oceans will not be there forever. 


The oceans cover 71% of the world and provide us with the oxygen we need for every two breaths we take; it is vital we look after them. 


As she researched further into the subject she realised that it’s difficult to ensure that the exact statistics as they vary for a number of reasons. Different countries are able or more willing to support the accurate gathering of data. In some instances, it isn’t possible and in others how the data is interpreted has been affected. Many people have seen the film ‘Sea Spiracy’ the facts and figures of this have been disputed. Another documentary ‘End of the line’ possibly has more reliable findings. But However, the numbers stack up, what is undeniable is, if we want there to be fish and healthy oceans in the future, we need to carefully consider how we are make use of these valuable resources.

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