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History was etched onto tools, illustrating different aspects of the geography and equally as important, individual agricultural workers, whose labours brought the harvest to the Tithe Barn in Stoke sub Hamdon. Each piece culminated in a linear structure of maps from different eras, infilling a wire silhouette of each tool.  Individual field shapes collage on their surfaces details from maps, parish records, the book of hours, the domesday book, cencus records newspaper articles and other documents.

Consistent with the organic aged qualities of the subject matter, the etched details have been finished with a range of patinas. The winnowing basket and the other pieces brought together various aspects of the barns rich history into a creative contemporary interpretation.  The placement of the installation by the vast doors that would have been opened during the process of winnowing, provided an intimate placement for the individual elements, in an otherwise immense space.

This piece was one of a series of works created for an exhibition celebrating the National Trust Tithe Barn, the Priory, Stoke sub Hamdon, Somerset.

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