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Making Peace

Making Peace

Artist in Residence at the National Memorial Arboretum


‘Looking Forward’


Looking Forward takes the simple form of box periscopes used by soldiers from both sides in the trenches to look forward into no mans land. Eleven elements with their shadows reference the date of the armistice. The linear suggestions both literally and metaphorically look forwards, to a more hopeful future. They have been used as a vehicle for bringing together a number of details from documents including, trench maps, newspaper headlines, poetry and the word 'peace' handwritten in a number of different languages. The collaged surfaces of these elements have text pierced trough to create further transient shadows, contrasting with the time worn metal.


This piece was reworked for Pewter Live 2019 as ‘Making Peace’


With pewter panels etching, piercing and stitching created more dynamic surfaces. The final outcome won both First Prize and Best in Show at Pewter Live 2019.

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