Working mainly in metal Jacky utilises a range of techniques and processes to create small hand held objects through to large-scale architectural pieces. Working in a process led way, ideas are allowed to be fluid making full use thorough research, thoughtful interpretation of the subject she then selects the appropriate technique, materials and scale to create a well informed, highly crafted final outcomes.


Jacky has undertaken residencies and projects in a number of institutions. These include Museums, a botanic garden, in a Library, schools, colleges and universities. Within the community she has facilitated workshops in care homes, with groups in libraries, mixed ability adult/ children workshops and sessions with participants with special needs. Varying in level and timescale from beginner to undergraduate.


Jacky enjoys bringing together a selection research to create artefacts that stimulate viewers to consider and reflect on the piece in a number of levels. Each project is completely unique and the final outcome is always determined by the journey of exploration. She works in a reactive way that is process led. Responding to research, ideas are allowed to be fluid until all avenues have been explored with model-making and workshop development.


Working with archives, Jacky has created pieces that give a contemporary interpretation to historic material. Her work brings together research from museums, archives and the local community, to inform the final artefacts, creating work that builds up a multilayered sense of a place or event. She creates thought provoking, well considered works that demonstrate high technical skills.