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Sculpture for the home

Jacky creates striking linear sculptures that are perfect for interior spaces,that explore the relationship between form and light. If you're interested in discussing ideas or seeing her work in progress, visit her workshop at Cockpit Arts Bloomsbury.


Her delicate steel structures are carefully crafted to be lightweight, making them easy to mount on walls or display as freestanding pieces. You can currently find her work at Gallery 57.


The final form of Jacky's sculptures is discovered through the making process, as the different parts interact and can be seen from various viewpoints. The open, linear design of her work allows for strong shadows to be cast, which are an integral part of the piece.

One client kindly wrote...

"We love looking at Jacky's piece: the work constantly changes due to the interplay between light and shadow. The use of Maxwells's Laws is scientific but rendered in an organic form. It's a joy to behold."

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