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Breaking Borders for 'We are commoners' Touring exhibition with Craftspace

Breaking Borders

Steel and enamel 

120cm x 85cm x 35cm 

“Breaking Borders” is inspired by the charity ‘Bees and Refugees’ set up by Ali Alzein. The project is focused on…”protecting honeybees and other pollinating insects, as well as helping refugees who may be struggling to adjust to their new lives.” Ali fled his home and life in Damascus, Syria. He talked about the importance ‘Freedom of movement’ and ‘breaking borders’ for many refugees and himself. 

Jacky has taken the form of the structure of honeycombs within a bee hive. The organized structure has been displaced, recreating the shape of the landmasses, where the volunteer Refugees used to live. Deliberately avoiding describing these forms with a ‘border’, the suspended elements of this piece have a fluidity in their movement. This structure supports enamelled panels with Ali’s and his Grandpa’s handwriting and information about the bees they are working with. The piece invites the viewer to consider the it, simply for its geometric form or to should they wish they could look further to reflect on Ali’s journey to the UK, and his experience as a refugee, the hopes and aspirations of the group and the amazing bees that bring everyone together.

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